China High-Tech Week 

The Nordic-China Startup Forum

NCSF is a non-profit, volunteer-based and community-driven organisation Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in September 2017 in Stockholm. 

NCSF grew out from a Swedish-Chinese student group in Uppsala University to become a global organisation, and today it is one of the largest European-Chinese startup- & tech event platforms, with local groups in 10 cities and 5 countries.


What is the China High-Tech Week?

The China High-Tech Week is an annually recurring event that takes place in China and the five Nordic countries. Arranged by the Nordic-Chinese startup- and tech communities, its purpose being to elevate and connect our two ecosystems.

We want to mobilize the Nordic and Chinese startup communities. Help local groups establish close and long-term relationships with local and national communities, brand the Nordic startup- & tech scene in China and the Chinese one in the Nordics. We accomplish this by bringing Nordic startups/scale-ups to China and assist Nordic companies with introductions to investors, customers, talent, and partners.

Qualification criteria:

  • Innovation Enabled By Technology: The Hi-Tech Weeks invites companies from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland, Nordic companies focused on technology-driven innovation with a B2B/B2B2C business model, often (but not limited to) software or hardware products. Companies can be focused in Industry verticals or horizontal, such as technology-focused. We are less interested in companies with no technological innovation, such as purely consumer-focused services.


  • Minimum Viable Company: Have a minimal viable product (MVP). That is, at least a first version of a product or service that have been used by a paying customer you are able to refer us to.  Proof of Technology: At least one happy referable paying B2B customer. The customer could be a one-time-only paying customer, whatever the scale of the transaction, and is referable today. The referable customer has put the product into use.

How to join Hi-Tech Week China

Step 1: Sign up to pitch

  1. Register to pitch in city/event/date of your choice here. Beware of respective deadlines
  2. Upload your video-pitch and PPT-presentation
  3. Answer the questionnaire


Step 2: You are selected to pitch!

  • Confirm your participation within 24 hours
  • You will be pitching among other tech startups
  • Our judges will select the startups most fit for China to join Hi-Tech Week China


Step 3: Welcome to Hi-Tech Week China

  • Confirm your participation/cancellation (deadline 1st of September 2019)
  • Start preparing with your personal NCSF-assistant & interpreter in China
  • You will join a group of 20 tech-startups. See program here (link)
  • Get organized: Visa, flight ticket, hotel. We will keep you informed with details.
  • Attend the Dragon Gate Kick-off party before departure (in Stockholm)
  • Back your bags and come with us to China

Dates (To Be Determined)

Main Event Schedule 2019

  • May
  • 15th Helsinki
  • 18th Lund
  • 23rd Stockholm
  • June-July
  • Beijing (TBD)
  • Shanghai (TBD)
  • Shenzhen (TBD)
  • September
  • 19th Copenhagen
  • 21th Uppsala
  • 25th Oslo
  • November
  • Shanghai (TBD)
  • 13th-14th Shenzhen
  • 15th Guangzhou
  • 17th-19th Beijing

Programme (More details to be provided in September)

  1. Kick-off event at Dragon Gate before departure (in Stockholm)
  2. Bus transport between events & meetings in China
  3. We translate your pitch deck to Chinese
  4. Polish your message to fit China
  5. Assign you with a personal assistant & interpreter
  6. Liaison the following according to your needs:

– Chinese & Nordic investors

– Chinese customers

– Chinese business partners

– Chinese talents


Financing by Qianhai government is 10.000 per participant. We have food provided at our events through the support of our local partners. NCSF is a non-profit student driven NGO. All of our events are free and we only have the income provided by sponsors.

For more info on NCSF kindly see here.



Kindly contact Nordic Apiary – (info@nordicapiary.comfor any questions regarding your application for Hi-Tech Week China.


We are excited to evaluate your application and looking forward to meeting you soon.


Best Regards, 

The Students of the Nordic-China Startup Forum

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